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My business now has 6 Melco EMT 16X machines and we are still growing!

When my business first started, I was using a hand-me-down sewing machine from my grandmother that was older than me! It definitely got the job done, but it took me hours and hours to finish designs and fill orders. Throughout college, my business was mainly a hobby and I saved all of my money from orders. When I graduated college I decided to take a huge leap of faith and try to pursue my business full time in hopes of making it my career. I used all of the money I saved from my business during college to purchase my very first commercial embroidery machine, a Melco EMT 16X. Not even a year later and my business now has 6 Melco EMT 16X machines and we are still growing. The Melco EMT 16X has changed my business for the better. I am able to create more products to reach my demand and expand into new product categories since my machines can do it all!

Haley Brasington,
Greek Letter Co.

Melco testimonial, Haley B

The entire experience has been outstanding!

I have been in this industry for 15+ years and have never had better customer service. From day one, the entire experience with Melco Sales and Service has been outstanding!
Ryan Malaschak
Adrenaline Prints LLC

It was the perfect machine for me!

Got a Melco 2 years ago to start my dream of owning my own business after years working in theatre in costume shops. It was the perfect machine for me!
Kelly Anne
Kelly Anne Embroidery

I cannot say enough positive things about the Melco tech support staff.

The machines have been doing great! We now do way more Embroidery than Screen Printing. It’s been pretty crazy and we couldn’t be happier to have gotten them when we did! I couldn’t imagine doing all the work we’ve been doing on one machine! I hope to be able to do some more business with you soon!
Brian Olsen
Master Uniform & Master Screen Printing

The software is a breath of fresh air.

Melco has quality products, amazing software, and quality staff that create videos to walk you through everything you can think of…

Hello! My name is Tiffany Hooper (Ironic, yes) or as everyone has come to know me in the last 15 years, Tiffany Stitches. I started very young on a sewing machine, mending and altering clothing. When you sew, people assume automatically that you offer embroidery services.

One year into working at Printboy, we were finally able to offer embroidery as a new in-house service. We acquired a brand-new Melco EMT16 through my boss’s family member, who had chosen the machine after seeing it at a convention.

At first, I was too intimidated to even use it. But after diving in headfirst into learning the DesignShop software and applying my screen-printing knowledge to the artwork, I took off running. The software was a breath of fresh air compared to what I was used to, and I love being able to manipulate my design down to the stitch.

My first thoughts on the machine itself, I was loving every inch of the large sew field, and HATS!!! I could do hats with no problem at all! Switching the arms and hoops took no time at all, and I only have gotten quicker with that over time. Three years later, the machine continues to impress through experience. I am still learning every day about it

My primary market has become patches and Tattoo shops, I believe that is a reflection of my personal style. I utilize the forums and Melco Live feeds on Facebook often for help and tips. I have also had a great experience with my Melco Tech, Juliet Collura. She was very helpful and generous with her knowledge of the machine to a newcomer like me. I am very grateful for her help, as well as all of the help from the Melco community. I look forward to producing new designs on my machine every day.

Tiffany Hooper aka “Tiffany Stitches”

With my Bravo, my embroidery and sewing business has really taken off to a new level. I’m an Etsy Seller as well as sell my products at local craft markets. My customers love the quality of the workmanship in all our embroidered products. We embroider on organza, faux leather, cotton kitchen towels, bath towels, home decor fabrics and faux suede.

The ease of embroidering with sixteen needles is amazing. When changing out the threads to do more than 16 colors is an easy task. The software is amazing! Creating new embroideries with the help of the videos from the Melco team members has been a life saver. Learning the method of putting in an underlay before doing lettering on a towel has made a lot of sales. This method allowed me to offer quality personalization to my clients on the children’s hooded towels that looks stunning.

Robert is my yearly maintenance man and I’ve called him several times with questions about issues I’m experiencing. He helped me work through the issues so I can get back to embroidering. Melco has quality products, amazing software, and quality staff that create videos to walk you through everything you can think of and knowledgeable maintenance personnel to help you through your embroidery troubleshooting. When I purchased my Melco Bravo I was confident that I was not alone in my embroidery business because Melco continues to help you after the sale! Melco is a full service and quality company that you can trust.

Creative Lee Studios

I’m able to get shirts done twice as fast because of the Acti-Feed™ Tension System.

Looking at the Melco machine for the first time in my workspace, I could see the future of my business and it was just so exciting! Before I had my Melco machine, I was working crazy hours. My daughter would always come in the room and ask if I was done working yet? I always felt bad and guilty for working. Now I am done quicker, and I can spend more time with my daughter. 

The Melco embroidery machines have increased my efficiency so much in my business. I’m able to get shirts done twice as fast because of the Acti-Feed™ Tension System. It adjusts the stitching as it goes, so you don’t have to worry about looping, thread breaks, or any of that. You can trust in your machine.

The first few days with my Melco embroidery machine there was definitely a learning curve. But their amazing training staff helped me learn the in’s and out’s of the embroidery machine so I could get back to business as quickly as possible.

Angela Jasmina
Kids Custom Designs

Melco review - Angela Jasmina

The best customer service available for embroidery machines

My name is Tristan from Austin, TX. I’m 20 years old and have been running embroidery for about a year and a half!

When I first started looking into possible machines I stumbled across some videos on YouTube showing the EMT16X and I knew this was the best option for my business! As well as having the best customer service available for embroidery machines – I had to invest!

As soon as the machine landed customers were ready to place orders!

The EMT16X is a workhorse

I started out just as a hobby with a single needle but, as hat requests kept coming in decided to take a risk on myself and invest in an EMT16X plus. I received it in December 2020, and during this time I’ve grown so much that I was able to ordered my second machine!

After looking into everything we decided that the Melco EMT16X was going to fit my needs and wants the the best. So I decided to invest in myself for the first time and start my own embroidery business, DM Threadworks, I purchased my first EMT16X in late November of 2020. It has been a fantastic journey, I absolutely love this machine.

I would tell anyone that is thinking about starting their own embroidery business, research, research, research after that contact Melco. The EMT16X is a work horse, easy to get to know and really fun. Once they start they better be prepared to get a lot of orders.
DM Threadworks

The best choice I could have made.

I got my Melco maybe a year and half ago. The best choice I could have made. Relying on other companies to create a vision I had in my head was getting annoying.

So with the help of @maralien_ I got my own machine , and start creating timeless pieces. My creativity and embroidery had gotten way better. I can’t wait to get back to it after my time here in Hawaii. “For military purposes” once that happens I will be full time using the machine !

Getting my thread count up!! Helping other fashion designers and up coming brands to get started on their dreams. That’s what Ones Legacy is all about.
Ones Legacy

I finally love what I’m doing!

Wow, I am extremely busy here at Midwest Threadwork Designs. I now do sublimation, vinyl, and rhinestones besides embroidery and DTG. I wish I had started this years ago because I finally love what I’m doing!!! Thanks for everything, that email you sent me last December changed my life completely!!!
Jackie Bartoni,
Midwest Threadwork Designs

Epson has set a new standard for the DTG industry!

I have been running Epson’s SureColor F2000 (white) DTG printer and have printed hundreds of shirts. There is no doubt in my mind that Epson has set a new standard for the DTG industry!

The F2000 is my third DTG printer in six or seven years in the DTG business. It far and away outperforms anything else with which I have had the experience. Along with Epson’s Ultra Chrome Ink, the finished product is truly the best ever.

The software is easy to learn and use, providing more options and flexibility than many operators will ever need, yet is intuitive enough for anyone to understand and use.

A huge advantage of working with Melco is the availability of on-site service if needed. While it’s a serious investment, I would not hesitate to recommend the Epson F2000 to anyone serious about the DTG business. The others are now obsolete!
Bob Clements,
Thread Artists Custom Apparel Decoration

I’m happy to have Melco by my side!

I grew up in a small suburb just north of Houston. I was fascinated with the idea of building things and taking them apart just to rebuild them again. I found that i had an incredible passion for creating things and being able to solve problems. The moment I saw Melco embroidery machine running I was astounded. There were so many small parts working so fast in such small area. It was truly amazing to see. At that moment I knew that I wanted to take on the challenge of making my father’s idea come to fruition.

My brother and I started the business when I was just 14. A lot of things have changed since then. I was just beginning to fiddle with the machine, but it feels like just yesterday.

I know that this is only the beginning and I’m so excited to see where it takes me. I’m happy to have Melco by my side.

Alex Burton
Texas Embroidery Ranch

Melco review - Alex Burton