Melco Certified

Melco Certified Technicians

On that rare occasion when you find yourself in need of a technician to get your machine back up and running, Melco has a long list of certified technicians ready to help.

Each technician has been trained and certified at the Melco Technical Training facility at Melco headquarters. Don’t worry if you have an older machine – many of our technicians are also qualified to work on the older Melco embroidery equipment as well.

Melco Technical Training

If you are interesting in becoming a Melco Certified Technician or would like to know how to better service your own equipment, Melco has classes just for that.

Training is done at our facility in Colorado. Enjoy the weather, the mountains, and the fantastic food and arts scene of the Denver area while learning to better maintain and repair your own Melco equipment. From machine operation to the theory of making a stitch, you will learn it all.

Please contact us for class schedules, pricing, and prerequisites.