Accessories for your
Embroidery machine

Expand the possibilities of your production with the right embroidery machine accessories! With the right accessories, you can expand the capabilities of your embroidery or at least make your embroidery life a little easier. There are a large number of accessories, from very universal systems like the Melco Fast Clamp, to very product specific frames like the cap frame, everything is available. Here you can find an overview of them:

Melco Fast Clamp

The revolutionary Melco Fast Clamp makes it possible to embroider items in places that were previously impossible or very difficult to embroider. The flexible and easy-to-use system allows the finishing of shoes, bags and backpacks, saddle pads, carpets, belts and straps, shirt and trouser pockets and much more.

Standard frame

The proven standard frames allow the stick on most flat materials and this even for a comparatively low price. They are made of plastic or wood and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Magnetic frame

Magnetic frames cover the same range of applications as the standard frames. Instead of clamping with muscle power, however, you use the power of strong magnets. This makes handling faster and more comfortable. Furthermore, materials with zippers and strong seams can be clamped absolutely without any problems.

Adhesive frame

Instead of pinching the material like other frames, the adhesive frame uses adhesive fleece to hold and stretch an item. They are extremely useful for embroidering places that are at the very edge of a textile and are difficult or impossible to hoop with “normal” hoops. This includes shirt collars, socks, but also all items that are too small to be clamped with other frames.

Border frame

The border frame is the only frame that allows the use of the maximum embroidery field of 41 x 40 cm of the Melco embroidery machines. It is suitable for the production of borders as well as for the embroidery of badges and large-scale designs.

HoopMaster clamping aid

The HoopMaster is the best-selling clamping aid worldwide. The settings are made easily and quickly without tools. The number and number grid can be used to record exact positioning for post-production. All components are made of high-quality materials and guarantee many years of use.

Embroidery tables

As an ideal embroidery machine accessory, the embroidery tables stabilize the embroidery frame, allowing higher embroidery speeds with improved embroidery quality.

Cap frame

Melco’s cap embroidery hoop offers the largest embroidery field in the industry at 82 x 362 mm. The excellent stabilization of the cap allows embroidery at up to 1,300 stitches per minute.

Micro Clamp embroidery hoop

The Micro Clamp embroidery hoop is used to embroider breast pockets, pant legs and other items with narrow openings. Even large-scale designs can be embroidered with the embroidery hoop in the best quality and at high speed. The Melco Fast Clamp replaces most of the functions of this frame system.

Slim Line clamp frame

The clamping frames are available in different sizes and are a suitable embroidery machine accessory for embroidering pelmets, notebook bags and other very thick or slippery items directly and without annoying prints. However, with the Melco Fast Clamp you cover all the functions of this frame system as well.