EMT16X Multi-Head Modularity

What is Multi-Head Modularity?

Individual Melco EMT16X embroidery machines can be networked together, operated, and managed as a unified, multi-head solution. To expand your production capabilities, you simply network additional EMT16X machines whenever you need them. The Melco Operating System, or MOS, controls each embroidery machine individually, which gives production managers the flexibility to produce different embroidery designs on each machine at the same time.

What Modularity Means For Your Business

Independent Efficiency: Unlike a traditional multi-head setup, when one of your EMT16X machines has to be stopped for a thread change, hoop change or thread break, the other heads can keep stitching. This flexibility makes your setup up to 100% more efficient than a traditional multi-head machine and translates into massive, real-world savings. 

Multi-Tasking Mastery: With a traditional multi-head machine, once you’ve started a job, your entire setup is tied up until it’s complete. With modular, independent machines, you have the freedom take on a smaller job that doesn’t need all the heads. You can now dedicate one head to a rush job without interrupting a project already in progress, keeping you and your customers happy.

Mass Personalization: Open up new revenue streams by offering name customization on large orders. Since each head is independently controlled, you can have each machine stitch a different name on each item – perfect for jerseys, uniforms and more! The software even handles name changes automatically with a design queue; when an item is finished, just change the hoop and go!

With the flexibility to network up to 30 machines together, you’ll find Melco multi-head setups in all sizes of customization businesses around the world. From small business being run in a garage to giant factories with dozens of machine heads, Melco’s reliability and capabilities are trusted across the industry.

The EMT16X is a commercial embroidery machine ideal for production and flexible multi-head applications. Many of our customers start with a single embroidery machine and then add more machines to create a multi-head network as production demands increase. And since your machines can be anywhere there’s a network cable, you can set up a workspace that works for you. No other embroidery machine can support business growth like Melco!

Melco's modular multi-head setup

If you delve into this industry, you’ll quickly come across the term “personalization.” This is a key element of embroidery, as much of the monogramming industry revolves around the concept of personalized gifts such as hats, purses, tote bags, towels, and blankets. While personalization itself is nothing new, the concept of mass personalization is a relatively recent development, and it’s an area where Melco excels. So what exactly is mass personalization? Essentially, it involves creating a large number of customized items simultaneously. With Melco’s OS computer network, production managers can easily produce a variety of designs on multiple embroidery machines at once, streamlining the process of mass personalization.

embroidery design on EMT16X multi-head embroidery machines

Contact us today to configure your Melco EMT16X multi-head solution. Every machine package includes accessories and software to help you get up and running.

EMT16X multi-head embroidery machine setup
  • DesignShop 12 Digitizing Software
  • Hoop Bundle
  • Cap Attachment (Driver) & 2 Frames
  • Heavy Duty Rolling Cart
  • 6-Year Limited Warranty
  • Technical Support via Telephone, Webinar
  • Online Knowledge Base and FAQ
  • How-To and Specialty Applications Support

The EMT16X Advantage

In addition to being capable of networkable modularity, your multi-head setup retains all of these amazing capabilities of the Melco EMT16X

  • In commercial embroidery, speed is critical. With the ability to operate at up to 1500 stitches per minute, the EMT16X will help you keep your customers happy and speed up your ROI.
  • Melco embroidery machines are engineered for high-volume commercial embroidery applications and are designed to deliver consistent, high-quality embroidery work year in and year out.
  • Acti-feed™ automatic thread tensioning makes the EMT16X easier to operate, reduces thread breaks, and ensures high-quality stitching.
  • A large sew field and compatibility with a wide array of hoops and hooping accessories means you won’t be limited on what kind of jobs you can take.