Melco EFS

Melco Enterprise Fulfillment Solution

What is Melco EFS?

Melco Enterprise Fulfillment Solution is an automation pipeline that enables you to produce large numbers of individualized items such as name tags, badges, jerseys, and more! EFS streamlines your production process by creating embroidery production files directly from customer submitted form data, saving you valuable time and reducing delays caused by customer miscommunication and manual file creation.

Form data isn’t limited to only text entry – Melco EFS can create files that include parameters for font selection, text size, text color, and more. Your customers can easily get embroidered products that are customized to their specific needs.

How Melco EFS works for you:

With the data imported and exported via .csv, .xml or .xls, it is possible to let almost any existing online tool communicate with our service. The system does not have to be integrated into the webshop but can work independently.

Our enterprise fulfillment solution software is very easy to use for both your employees and your customers and is easy to pick up. All processes can be easily adapted to your business model at any time.

The software can automatically fill a hoop with as many custom name tags as will fit in the hoop. In this way, individual orders can become a lucrative business.

The manual work for creating a production file is completely eliminated. The time and money-saving potential is enormous!

No more tedious and error-prone typing of individual names and no more annoying sending of patterns back and forth. We make your life in the personalization business a lot easier!

Minimal manual work also means no more opportunity for typos, color errors, and other manual errors. You can reduce your average error rate from 10% to less than 1% and improve customer satisfaction.

Unlike Melco Fusion, Melco EFS does not provide visualization and therefore does not need to be integrated into your website. However, if you want to develop your own visualization, you can do so.

Decentralized production is easy to manage because all data can be accessed centrally via the cloud and the quality will be the same at every production site. So you can run and operate at multiple locations or even remotely.

With over a decade in the embroidery and automation business, Melco has experts ready to assist you step by step and support your online business with our own cloud servers.

EFS Makes A Difference

Athletics apparel manufacturer New Balance uses Melco EFS to streamline their production of personalized apparel. Thanks to the mass customization solution from Melco, 1.5 production days were saved for every 200 pairs of shoes and the error rate was reduced from 10% to less than 1%.