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Melco was founded in 1972 as a software company focused on the development of embroidery software. Since its founding, Melco has established itself as a technology pioneer in the embroidery industry.
Developments such as Digitrac®, the world’s first computerized embroidery software, and the modular Amaya embroidery machines have had a lasting impact on the embroidery machine market.

In addition to the Melco EMT16X modular embroidery machine, the company also offers the powerful DesignShop embroidery software, web services for textile finishing and numerous accessories for embroidery machines.

The machines are developed in the USA and Switzerland, but Melco branches can be found in all parts of the world. The activities of Melco International LLC, based in Steckborn, Switzerland, are focused on consulting, sales and customer service. With perfectly trained technicians and training managers and additional service and demo points in Germany and Austria, Melco guarantees a unique and individual customer service. With an extensive training program and attractive financing options, Melco helps customers establish and grow embroidery businesses.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Melco has been the world’s leading manufacturer of embroidery systems since 1972. Melco offers textile finishers worldwide innovative and reliable products for professional use.

Melco’s story

Melco wird von William Child und Randall Melton in Denver, Colorado mit dem Ziel gegründet, das erste computergesteuerte Punchsystem zu entwickeln.
Melco Embroidery System stellt das erste computergesteuerte Punchsystem Digitrac vor.
Melco bringt die Star 1 auf den Markt, die als erste Stickmaschine Buchstaben in einem Bogen sticken kann. Danach produziert Melco 1- bis 12-Kopf-Stickmaschinen, die hauptsächlich in den USA verkauft werden.
Melco wird vom Textilmaschinenhersteller Saurer übernommen. Die Idee der AMAYA (As Many As You Add), einem modularen Maschinensystem, wird geboren. Die gesamte Entwicklung dauert drei Jahre.
Melco bringt die AMAYA Stickmaschine auf den Markt inklusive der einzig wirklich grossen Innovation der Stickindustrie seit 20 Jahren: die aktive Fadenlieferung Acti-FeedTM. Gleichzeitig verabschiedet sich Melco vom Mehrkopfsystem.
Saurer wird von OC Oerlikon gekauft.
Melco stellt erstmalig die Personalisierungstechnologie LiveDesigner vor.
Melco wird von der Bernina International AG in Steckborn übernommen.
Melco präsentiert die zweite Generation der Melco EMT16 Stickmaschine, die Melco EMT16plus. Sie wartet mit komplett neuer Elektronik auf.
Melco präsentiert die Melco EMT16X, welche mit einem komplett neuen Unterarm und neuen «Stitch Dynamics» die Stickqualität maximiert und die Anzahl «Fadenprobleme» minimiert.

Melco distributors worldwide

Melco embroidery machines are in use around the globe. Here you will find a list of our service and sales partners worldwide.


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Quality, precision and innovative strength – for four generations, BERNINA has stood for these values and has successfully positioned itself internationally as an independent, family-run company in the premium sector. BERNINA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end sewing and embroidery computers, embroidery and design software and accessories. Every day, BERNINA works on new innovative and high-quality products so that you can give free rein to your creativity. That’s why BERNINA lives by the principle: “We’re always at the beginning, never at the end.” To live up to this principle, BERNINA International AG has for years relied on the excellent training and continuing education of its employees. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, BERNINA guarantees quality down to the smallest detail. All over the world, excellently trained specialist dealers work for BERNINA. They are trained in the use of the products from the headquarters in Steckborn and are regularly visited by owner Hanspeter Ueltschi himself. Immerse yourself in a creative world and discover the extensive range of sewing and embroidery machines and accessories!

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