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Modular system

With our modular single and multi-head embroidery machines, you can produce up to 100 % more efficiently and up to 50 % more cheaply.

High quality

The automatic thread tension with Acti-Feed makes it child’s play to set the embroidery machine to the optimum setting, and orders can be reproduced in perfect quality.

1500 stitches per minute

Dramatically increase your productivity thanks to an embroidery speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute on Melco embroidery machines.

Laser positioning

Position, rotate and scale a motif precisely on the textile and combine embroidery with other finishing methods such as laser or printing.

Your business –
Our solution

Melco embroidery machines with customers


You want to turn your hobby into a profession? You would like to take the step into self-employment? Do you own a workwear, textile or sports shop and would like to finish your items yourself?


Are you an industrial embroidery company and familiar with these challenges? Are you a professional embroidery company looking for more production capacity in a flexible and future-proof system?

Software solutions

Melco Fusion

Melco Fusion is a SaaS service that can be seamlessly integrated into your webshop using a plugin. Once Fusion is integrated, it enables end customers to personalize or customize products quickly and easily. The advantages of Fusion are first-class visualization, automatically generated production files and an improved conversion rate, as customers can see what they are ordering (What You See Is What You Get, WYSIWYG). This means less effort, as the embroidered products no longer have to be photographed separately with each logo thanks to the visualization.

Melco EFS stands for Enterprise Fulfillment Solution. EFS enables the automated creation of embroidery files by using CSV, XLS or XML files. This data can come directly from a web store, be exported as a CSV file from an ERP system or simply be provided by customers in the form of an Excel file. The major advantages of EFS are the minimal integration effort, the elimination of manual errors and, of course, the scalability.

Melco Calculator

The Melco Calculator is a free service that we have developed especially for our customers. Whether you are just starting out in embroidery and are wondering how much production capacity you need, or simply want to know how much an embroidery will cost – the Calculator makes the calculation child’s play. As a customer, you can easily calculate the production time for an order. Simply upload the embroidery file and the calculator will show you how long production is likely to take and calculate the costs at the same time. This allows you to calculate fair prices for your customers.

Melco embroidery software

DesignShop 11 has been developed with a focus on efficiency, quality and creativity and offers you more features than any other embroidery software on the market – at a fair and affordable price. Even if you have no previous experience with embroidery software, DesignShop’s extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to create embroidery designs in no time at all.


Fusion now also for Shopify

You can now also integrate Fusion into your Shopify webshop. This enables direct visualization of your personalized products in the store and offers your customers a completely new shopping experience.

Melco at the “Arbeitsschutz Aktuelltrade fair

Visit us from November 5-7, 2024 at the “Arbeitsschutz Aktuell” trade fair in Stuttgart and get to know our unique embroidery solutions for your workwear. We will show you how you can create name badges efficiently and cost-effectively, automatically and easily, for example.

Roadshow with Falk & Ross

Meet us at the roadshow of
Falk & Ross in the fall. Exact dates to be announced.

Satisfied customers are the highest accolade for a company. Melco’s long-standing customers include the world’s leading textile manufacturers as well as small companies.

About Melco

At Melco, we know that investing in embroidery machines and software is only the first step in building a successful business. That’s why we offer first-class training and support to help you achieve sustainable success. As the industry leader in embroidery, we have been supporting entrepreneurs for over five decades with reliable embroidery machines and software solutions.

We believe that our customers are more than just customers – they are our partners. We strive to build a collaborative relationship with our clients, regardless of the size of their business objectives. We know that their success is our success and we are committed to providing them with the best tools and support to achieve their goals.