EMT16X Is The Right Choice For Hats

The EMT16X has been engineered with cap embroidery in mind

Baseball hats and embroidered caps are a classic look. From promotional products and workwear, to fashion and sportswear, caps are versatile products but can be tricky to decorate. For business owners interested in cap embroidery, this means it is necessary to invest in machines that offer quality embroidery, precise sewing, and commercial production capability.

So how do you choose the right commercial embroidery machine for hats? Let’s look at all the features of Melco’s EMT16X that are engineered specifically for cap embroidery.

  • Wide 270° sew field to accommodate large designs or embroidery on the side of a hat.
  • High-speed embroidery machine—sew caps at a blazing 1200 stitches per minute (in many cases).
  • Melco’s patented Acti-Feed™ thread feed system adjusts thread feed automatically, a HUGE advantage for sewing on materials of varying thickness, such as the seam of a hat.
  • The adjustable presser foot easily accommodates a wide variety of hats.
  • True Hoop Limits is a user-friendly feature that shows exactly where the design is positioned within the hoop, enabling accurate design placement.
  • Small CYLINDRICAL lower arm—though not a new feature, this is one that sets Melco apart from other embroidery machines that use a SQUARE lower arm. The cylindrical shape of the lower arm on Melco EMT16X allows the natural round contour of a hat to maintain a consistent relationship to the lower arm, which helps produce amazing stitch quality.
  • 3D embroidery—create the popular 3D look used on many sports logos and emblems.
EMT16X commercial embroidery machine for hats

As you can see, Melco EMT16X professional embroidery machines are built to produce quality embroidery on hats, at high speed. In addition to these specific features for hat embroidery, there are other standard features that make EMT16X an excellent investment for those interested in industrial embroidery machine applications. Consider the following:

EMT16X is a modular embroidery system

This means that multiple embroidery machines can be linked together using the Melco Operating System, or MOS. MOS controls ALL the embroidery machines on the network, so that they can run SIMULTANEOUSLY, yet independent of each other. This is a great advantage in production efficiency! Traditional multi-head embroidery machines require all embroidery machine heads to operate in unison. This means that a bobbin change, thread break, or other issue on one head requires ALL other heads to stop until the issue is resolved. In contrast, with Melco EMT16X embroidery machines, a bobbin change or thread break does NOT require all the other heads to stop sewing—they keep working even when one head has stopped.

This is a scalable embroidery system that grows with your business!

Some of Melco’s biggest customers started with only one or two machines. However, as mentioned above, the modular design allows for future growth. It’s easy to add more embroidery machines to your network as production demands increase! This powerful and unique feature is a huge benefit when looking for the right commercial embroidery machine for hats.

EMT16X is a 16-needle embroidery machine

We like flexibility, and so do our customers! With 16 possible color options, you have lots of flexibility in how you set up each embroidery machine. Many people use the same color on multiple needles, reducing down-time for cone changes as thread runs low. However, each needle can also have a different color, allowing for smooth, seamless embroidery on more colorful designs, without tons of cone changes!

Choosing the right commercial embroidery machine for hats is important. Perhaps equally important is the company behind the equipment. Embroidery machines are a big investment, especially in the commercial/industrial embroidery machine field. Melco embroidery machines are supported by an amazing staff of people that sincerely care about each individual customer. At Melco, we truly wish to see every customer succeed, fulfilling their dreams of owning and operating a successful embroidery business. From sales to training, customer service, and technical support, Melco is based here in the United States, just outside of Denver, Colorado. When you need to contact us, you can expect to be in touch with a real person, ready to assist and address your specific needs.

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