Upgrade your digitizing

Are you currently using a previous version of DesignShop and wondering what you might be missing? Check out some of the key new features exclusive to DesignShop 12!

Ready to upgrade? Contact us today for one-on-one assistance in choosing the level that’s right for you!

Customize Your Workspace

Tailor your workspace with the new customizable theme, space-saving features, and unlimited workspace tabs for easy design navigation.

Total Control, Anywhere

Take charge of your software with Melco Cloud accounts. Enjoy the convenience of user account management with new cloud-based licensing, allowing for seamless transitions between computers while enjoying updates delivered straight to your account.

Design Checker

Design Checker gives one-click evaluation and feedback for wireframe designs and text. It will check your design for the most common design problems so that they can be fixed before production problems occur.


Eliminate the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks with design barcoding. Our completely redesigned Print Function allows you to create custom barcoded worksheets that contain all the information you need for your production including active colors (every unique color in the design is listed once), color sequence, thread consumption, and much more.

Seamless Machine Communication

Communicate effortlessly with your embroidery machine through MelcoOS Integration, ensuring lightning-fast embroidering on Melco machines.

Unrivaled Responsiveness

Our software, designed in-house by Melco engineers, stands as the most responsive in the market, setting the bar for quality and precision.

Lettering Level and Above

Envelope Tool

New advanced options with the easy-to-select preset shapes for Envelope text.

Improved Lettering Tools

Manipulating text has never been easier. Edit multiple lines of text with the new Text Box feature and create Arched Text with the click of a button.

Expanded Character Alphabets

Now you can easily create your own alphabets from a set of individual designs. Great for lettering design sets purchased from third party creators.

EXP+ formatting

Now EXP files can show specific color information.

Editor Level and Above

Gradient Alphabet Characters

Easily add gradients to characters with this new feature.

High-Res PNG Export

Export stunning hi-res PNG images with our advanced 3D stitch preview, perfect for achieving an embroidery look on DTG or Dye-sub printing.

Character List

Easily browse and select any specific character from your installed fonts, including OpenType alternate glyphs.

Stipple Fill

Automatically fill shapes and letters with configurable stipple patterns. Great for quilting!

Vector Level and Above

Locate Color Feature

Upgrade your digitizing game with our enhanced Conversion Assistant, ensuring pinpoint accuracy. Refine results swiftly using color-based element selection.

Editable Grid-Ruler Guidelines

Gain more precision with user-defined guidelines that have snapping bahavior.

Match Thread Chart

Simply select the thread chart of the brand and type of thread you’re using on your machine and the graphic file’s colors are automatically converted into a thread color.

Curve Smoothing

For pixel files, you can adjust the Curve Smoothing to get the best results when vectorizing your graphic.

Professional Level

Closest Point Connection For Digitizing

Save time and reduce trims with the Closest Point Connection feature. Automatically re-sequence elements in a design to ensure smoother machine operation and achieve higher quality sewouts.

Cross Stitch

Emulate the charm of handmade cross-stitching effortlessly with our innovative stitch-types.

Appliqués Made Easy

The new Appliqué Lettering Type allows any alphabet to be stitched as an appliqué.

Better Borders

Quickly add borders to single elements or entire designs with the click of a button.

Ready to upgrade? Contact us today for one-on-one assistance in choosing the level that’s right for you!