Coloreel Instant Thread Coloring Unit

Inspiration On Demand

Coloreel’s  state-of-the-art on-demand thread dying technology ensures vibrant, consistent, and lasting color that is rapidly processed and dried to keep up the high-speed stitching of the Melco EMT16X.

  • Colors Thread On-Demand
  • Create Unique Texture and Effects
  • Sustainable Technology
  • Compatible with all Melco Machine Configurations
  • USB Enabled
  • Network Capable with Service Tool
  • Free Software
  • Multihead Configuration
  • Touch Screen Operation Panel
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Few Consumables Needed

Why Coloreel?


Make your customer’s creative vision a reality with true thread gradients. Make logos and shaded designs that are only possible with Coloreel technology.

Fewer Supplies

No need for walls of thread cones sitting and collecting dust. On-demand color means you only need to stock Coloreel’s 100% recycled white thread and never have to worry about having the right thread color on-hand.

Maximum Performance

Turbocharge your turnaround when you combine the EMT16X’s amazing speed with Coloreels ability eliminate thread changes and excess trims and tie-offs.

Melco Makes It Better

Melco Acti-Feed™ Advantage

Coloreel’s innovative coloring system, which utilizes a single thread and needle, places great emphasis on achieving remarkable results through consistency and precision in thread placement. The key to this precision lies in Melco’s Acti-Feed™ auto-tensioning, guaranteeing that color transitions occur precisely as intended, irrespective of the fabric type.

A Better Fit For You

Melco’s EMT16X Modular System offers the flexibility of adding and managing each embroidery head separately. Unlike conventional multi-head configuration, this means you have the freedom to utilize Coloreel with only the specific heads you require, eliminating the necessity for a Coloreel attachment for each machine head. By dedicating a Coloreel head for intricate designs exceeding 16 colors, your other machines can handle larger projects efficiently.

Inside The Coloreel Process

Sample Gallery