The Melco Story

Over 50 Years of Innovation

Melco began in 1972 as a pioneer in computerized embroidery digitizing, with the mission of leveraging technology and automation to maximize productivity while simultaneously enhancing the user experience. Since then, these foundational principles have led to the development of some of the industry’s most advanced commercial embroidery machines and software. But we know that even the most advanced embroidery products don’t mean anything without a passionate and knowledgeable team to back it up.  From our expert sales staff guiding customers through planning the perfect production setup to our applications team continuously innovating techniques to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Melco products, our employees make Melco more than your equipment and software provider – we’re your partner creating a flourishing business. So here’s to 50 more years of working together in advancing the customization industry.

Over 50 Years of Innovation

Melco Founded

Randal Melton and William Childs founded Melco to leverage computers in embroidery digitizing.


Melco launches the first computerized digitizing system that dramatically accelerates converting art to embroidery.

EDS/Epicor Computer Interface

As the precursor to what is now called DesignShop, the EDS/Epicor system was an advanced hardware + software system for Melco machines that furtherered digitizing efficiency and embroidery job automation.

EMT10 Embroidery Machine

Available in single, 4-head, and 12-head configurations, this 10-needle machine was capable of up to 1000 stitches per minute and featured state-of-the-art ethernet networking and advanced computer control and integration.

Acti-Feed Patented + Melco’s Modular Embroidery System

AMAYA was the first ever Melco Modular Embroidery System – This groundbreaking new embroidery platform introduced game
changing innovation including, Melco’s patented Acti-Feed™ thread tensioning, enabling 1500 stitches per minute, and an
industry first modular system which allowed up to 30 embroidery heads to be networked together and managed as a single,
multi-head machine while still being individually addressable.

Modular Systems | AMAYA: 2002 / XT: 2005 / XTS: 2010 / EMT16: 2014 / EMT16PLUS: 2017 / EMT16X: 2019

Melco Becomes an Epson Preferred Reseller

Melco is quickly becoming a top 5 largest reseller of Epson DTG Printers in the USA. Our team’s extensive knowledge and video content provides our customers with industry leading support.

Melco Becomes a Roland Preferred Reseller

Melco sells Roland’s entire product line. We have excelled in application of the TrueVis Print Cut Line as a perfect compliment to Embroidery.

EMT16X, BRAVO, DesignShop12, Fusion

Continued refinement of Melco’s modular vision for embroidery and a technology-first approach to product development has resulted in commercial embroidery machines with unrivaled flexibility, usability, and speed. In addition, our innovative software offerings continue the original mission of the DigiTrac™ by further streamlining and automating the digitizing process and breaking down the barriers between artwork and machine embroidery.

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